Makeup Remover Cloths


This week was my free week with no school or work so I became bored quite fast. I was searching around for something to keep me entertained and I found a little project from and it seemed simple enough. I don’t sew very often, if at all, so when I found this blog I thought it could be a semi-challenging task for me to complete. I went to Walmart and found a pack of flannel fabric in some very cute colours (in fact they were children’s themed fabric with yellow, green & purple checkerboard colours) then I got everything organized and ready to go. It took me a while to sew together each square but after fighting with my sewing machine it turned out pretty great & I love them. I’ve been using them with my cleanser and toner the past few days and they feel really soft on my skin; the toner doesn’t get absorbed right away into the flannel cloth but if you wet the cloth a little it should work.

*p. s. I used a tile to measure each square which I found to be very efficient.

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